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Do We Really Need a Regional Economic Plan?

There's been a drumbeat of concern from the regional fathers over the need to think more regionally. Regional transportation, regional housing, regional jobs. Forget you belong to a state or city, even. Just think of yourselves as citizens of the Greater Washington megalopolis.
That makes sense, to a large extent. Urban areas are starting to agglomerate [...]

Sure Would Be Nice if WMATA Had a Bank

Infrastructure banks are all the rage these days. President Barack Obama has proposed one for the federal government that would help fund both big interstate projects and smaller local initiatives. Governor Bob McDonnell is pushing to create one for Virginia that would be capitalized by the privatization of state liquor stores and (probably) pay mostly [...]

Latest Would-be Mall Occupant Wants to Win The Future

The number of prospective museums and memorials angling for space on or near the National Mall probably outnumbers the total number that exist already. The latest to come across Housing Complex's radar screen, though, just wants to put a dormant existing building back to work: The Smithsonian Institution's 130-year-old Arts and Industries Building, which has [...]

The “Livability Movement”: Successor to the Environmental Movement?

Yesterday, Tanya Snyder over at Streetsblog wrote about a Center for Disease Control study laying out the need for more ethnic and cultural diversity in the "livability movement."
The last two words–also in Tanya's headline–were what caught me.
You've heard various permutations of the term: livability index, livable streets, even livable walkable awards. I hadn't heard there [...]