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New Law Treats Cyclists More Like Pedestrians

Good news, D.C. cyclists: Much of the illegal behavior you've been engaging in is about to become legal.
Ever find yourself impatient after a long red light and crossing the intersection when the pedestrian light flashes to go, but before the main one does? Technically, you can't do that—but soon you'll be able to.
Like those [...]

Zoning Commission Chairman: No One Bikes to the Grocery Store

The Babe's Billiards saga continued last night with a hearing before the Zoning Commission, which adjourned after several hours and will continue Monday. As usual, there was a contingent of neighbors opposed to the parking-free Tenleytown development, and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission reiterated its support for the plan. With ANC backing, odds of approval [...]

More Poll Results! How We Live Affects How We Vote.

If you want to know who’s probably going to win the mayoral race and why, head on over to City Desk and check out the topline results of our nifty poll with WAMU. But the most intriguing stuff is in the crosstabs. Of interest to this blog are questions about who owns, who rents, who [...]