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Ben’s Chili Bowl Buys on H Street

After a long courtship, longtime H Street NE clothier George Butler finally found a buyer—the guys behind Ben's Chili Bowl. Butler's store at 10th Street had been on the market for $1.4 million, but Nizam and Kamal Ali bargained him down to $900,000; the deal closed on October 11. It won't necessarily be another Ben's, [...]

Ben’s to the Suburbs?

Since announcing last spring that they were looking for franchise opportunities, Ben's Chili Bowl hasn't found any actual locations. So it made sense when I heard that the owners, Kamal and Nizam Ali, had maybe-sorta pinned down a spot on H Street NE—who wouldn't want to be there? Of course, Kamal says they haven't signed [...]

A Walk With: Sandra Butler-Truesdale

Welcome to the third installment in our "A Walk With" series, this time with U Street fixture Sandra Butler-Truesdale, whose roles are many and varied.

There are some people in D.C. for whom landscapes  have two levels: The current level that they actually inhabit, and a subterranean historical space long covered over.
Sandra Butler-Truesdale, whose family has [...]

Comedy of Banners: In Midcity and Anacostia, the dos and don’ts of neighborhood branding.

Dropping large chunks of city money into a neighborhood can be like dropping a bomb: You never quite know where the shrapnel will fly. At least that’s how a D.C.-funded branding project for the ill-defined area known as Midcity has played out.
Andrea Doughty and Carol Felix, stewards of a $200,000 grant from the District’s Neighborhood [...]