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Metro Claims X2 Overcrowding’s Been ‘Virtually’ Eliminated

But anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

Streetcar May Be Flawed and Ill-Fated, But It’s Not “Fatally Flawed”

The streetcar is showing signs of life.

Here’s What So Others Might Eat Has Planned for Benning Road

Last year, the low-income and homeless services nonprofit So Others Might Eat purchased three parcels of by the Benning Road Metro station with the goal of erecting a mixed-use development. Now, at long last, we have a detailed look at what they'll be building there.
The 180,000-square-foot complex will feature 202 affordable housing units, a sit-down [...]

Streetcar Extension Study Points to Benning Road Terminus

Construction resumed last week on the H Street streetcar line, the one that's theoretically supposed to get vehicles for testing this October and start running passenger trains shortly thereafter. It's a project that's got city officials hugely excited, but it's also generated some skepticism: After all, the streetcar along H Street will run largely the [...]

Don’t Hold Your Breath for the Streetcar

That's pretty much the news out of Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's hearing this morning on the fate of the elusive D.C. streetcar. District Department of Transportation Director Terry Bellamy said that the controversy over the proposed car barn on the campus of Spingarn High School, and the related historic landmark nomination for the campus, [...]

Going Backwards on Benning Road


I had such high hopes for the Roadside Cafe, which opened last April with Jamaican food and outdoor seating on a stretch of Benning Road NE that doesn't have much of either. Earlier this month, it quietly closed, and last weekend I noticed a sign announcing the imminent arrival of tires.
What went wrong?
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner [...]


In the entire District, you’d behard-pressed to find a more pollution-plagued cluster of neighborhoods than those lining the Anacostia River as it heads south from the Maryland border. Kenilworth, Mayfair, Parkside, River Terrace, Eastland Gardens, and Kingman Park have been gashed by I-295, regularly deafened by a Metro overpass, and infiltrated by any number of [...]