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Barracks Rowers Want More Restaurants

With all the bellyaching over liquor licenses and talk of moratoria, you'd think that Barracks Row residents didn't want any more dining establishments on their little commercial corridor. That's mostly not the case, according to a survey of 728 nearby residents–70 percent of whom would like to see more restaurants on the strip, not fewer.
Sure, [...]

National Community Church Pouring Serious Money into Barracks Row

It was already an impressive enough feat for the National Community Church–which has thus far limited its District ministries to its basement space at Ebenezers Coffee and movie theaters–to pick up such a large footprint on 8th Street SE south of the freeway, for redevelopment into a coffeeshop, offices, and performance space. According to property [...]

ANC Votes to *Relax* West Dupont Moratorium Zone

In a refreshing and heartening display of flexibility, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B voted last night to lift the prohibition on new restaurant-class liquor licenses in the moratorium zone west of Dupont Circle.
After a series of meetings, a committee of the ANC produced a report evaluating the current moratorium, which expires later this month. While the [...]

Even Moratorium Whisperings Chill Business Interest

For a few months now, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B has been thinking over how to keep a pleasant balance of retail and restaurants on the increasingly boozy Barracks Row. One of the tools for doing that is a moratorium on new liquor licenses, which a "Retail Mix Task Force" has explored through talking with representatives [...]

CityBikes Opening Third Location on Barracks Row

Good news, Tommy Wells: Your 'hood is about to get more bikeable. CityBikes, now located in Chevy Chase and Adams Morgan, announced in its newsletter today that it'll be taking over 709 8th Street SE, formerly the home of Capitol Hill Bicycles–they moved down the street to a smaller space–and Metropolitan Bicycles before that.
CityBikes is [...]

Lower Barracks Row Wants to Boost its Height Limit

In some parts of the city, building heights are limited to 90 feet, in others to 130 feet, by Congressional decree. But some areas have been kept even lower with self-imposed zoning overlays, and one of them—8th Street SE below the freeway—has outgrown its usefulness, says a “visioning report” put out by local organizations.
At the [...]

Marines, Contrite, Keep Trying to Fit In

It’s not a problem Thomas Jefferson could have foreseen when he identified a site on the southeastern shoreline of the new Capitol for a new military base: That the city would grow so dense, and the security risk to enlisted men so severe, that the Navy would have to find new space in the already-crowded [...]

Lower Barracks Row to Get Religion, Coffee

A few weeks ago, JDLand noticed that the National Community Church–which currently operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse at 2nd and F Streets NE–had picked up the old Miles Glass building on 8th and Virginia Avenue SE for $3.5 million. Since then, there's pretty much been radio silence from Church leaders, as they went through "visioning charettes" to [...]

Other Ways to Keep a Pleasant Retail Mix

Matt Yglesias responds to the news that ANC 6B might advocate for a liquor license moratorium by going on a tear about why such restrictions are "highly un-optimal." The best solution, he says, would simply be to add more retail square footage. But if residents don't want to zone more areas for commercial use, "then [...]

Moratorium Floated For Boozy Barracks Row

Some Capitol Hill residents have watched with alarm as more restaurants and bars have flocked to vibrant 8th Street SE, replacing long-time retail establishments. Most recently, the darling pet shop Chateau Animaux announced it would sell its building to not one but two restaurants: A Moby Dick House of Kabob, and a noodle place called [...]