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The Future of the Past

Every five years, D.C.’s Historic Preservation Office has to come up with a plan for the next five. A couple weeks ago, with another deadline looming, the staff called a public meeting to figure out what to do next.
This gathering, like many chitchats about safeguarding old buildings, was heavy on activists whose own ages also [...]

In the Battle of Barney Circle, Could There be a Middle Ground?

Despite the work of a dedicated preservationist contingent in the tiny southeast neighborhood of Barney Circle, it just wasn't in the cards for the Historic Preservation Review Board to designate the area an historic district on June 24.

This house has been conserved, not preserved–and it still looks good (San Jacinto Neighborhood Association).

Housing Complex covered the [...]

Barney Circle: God Willing, A Smooth Road Ahead For Historic District

Here are some fun facts about the history of Barney Circle: It contains no 19th century buildings and over 70% of its buildings were constructed between 1919 and 1924. It’s named after Joseph Joshua Barney, a hero of the War of 1812. It was a transit hub in the streetcar days, where cars [...]

D.C. Preservation League Names 2009’s Most Endangered Places

Yesterday, the D.C. Preservation League announced its 2009 Most Endangered Places. It's a pretty short list. Only six locations were named—Normally, roughly ten places turn up on the list, I was told a few months back when the the League was accepting nominations.
A number of the spots have been featured in past years. Surprisingly, St. [...]