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Behold the Glorious New Era of Human-Occupied Penthouses

Can you feel the claustrophobia, D.C.? Can you see the shadows encroaching? Can you sense the Manhattanization of our fair District? Because the Height of Buildings Act of 1910, ruling our skyline for more than a century, has just been amended.
Today, President Barack Obama signed an amendment to the Height Act, following passage in the House of [...]

Vote With Your Feet

It’s election time, and we all know what that means: If Republicans take the White House and the Senate in a sweep, D.C.’s Democrats will flee the city (presumably to Canada), GOP staffers will swarm the suburbs, and the city’s commercial real estate market will boom as lobbyists flock to K Street offices in order [...]

The Presidential Debate, Home Edition

So, the presidential candidates are debating tonight. They're expected to throw a lot of numbers around: the 8.1 percent unemployment rate, the $5 trillion cost of Mitt Romney's proposed tax cut (according to the Obama team), etc. One area we're unlikely to see debated? The candidates' homes.
So here, courtesy of Estately, are the relevant figures:

Courtesy [...]

What the President’s Jobs Bill Would Mean for D.C.

Via Kathryn Baer, on Friday the White House posted fact sheets on what the American Jobs Act would mean for every state. The District's goodies include:

$387 million in funding for highways and transit systems
$20 million for renovating vacant and foreclosed homes
Payroll tax cuts for 20,000 businesses
$45 million to support 500 teachers and first responders
A tax [...]

Walmart Gets High Level Endorsement

Hours before a handful of protesters picketed outside Ward 4 Walmart developer Dick Knapp's house, the supercompany received a stamp of approval from the highest hand in the land: Michelle Obama, in her new role as the nation's healthy food guru. She appeared at THEARC in Congress Heights yesterday for the launch of Walmart's nationwide [...]

D.C. as Company Town

It should come as a surprise to no one that the federal government is a huge force in the D.C. real estate landscape, but the second quarter really brought it home: Fully half of all leases in the District went to the U.S. of A. during that period, says Jones Lang LaSalle's Scott Homa. Even [...]

How Many People Have Used the Homebuyer Credit in D.C.?

In D.C., roughly one out of every 445 people filed for the credit. In the entire state of Maryland, 23,679 have filed for the credit, roughly one out of every 237 residents.  In Virginia, 40,527 have filed for the credit, roughly one out of every 191 locals. (I calculated these numbers comparing the original [...]

President Renews First-Time Homebuyer Credit

Today, President Barack Obama signed a $24 billion stimulus bill that included renewing the first-time homebuyer tax credit (as the A.P. reports).
The National Association of Realtors has posted a Q&A about the credit, which is altered significantly in this bill, on its website. Their responses should answer all the basic questions:
Who Qualifies for the [...]

Amtrak Ridership Down in 2009, But Remains High

The Associated Press is reporting that Amtrak carried roughly 27 million people in the last 12 months— down about a million from the same time period the previous year, but still up more than five percent from two years ago.

More Chatter on the Extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit

In less than two months, the $8,000 tax credit available to first-time homebuyers is set to expire. Economists and housing experts have widely applauded this program as one of the driving forces sending purchasers hustling back into the market. President Barack Obama's administration is considering renewing it. Several senators have supported a measure to extend [...]