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ASK HOUSING COMPLEX: R.I.P. Grandma, But Long Live Her Apartment

My grandma has a great one-bedroom apartment in Dupont Circle. She has lived there for over 50 years and has rent control—she pays about $650 a month for her apartment and a parking spot is included. Her apartment is where my mom grew up and where our family has spent many memorable holidays together. [...]

ASK HOUSING COMPLEX: My Laundromat Closed—Will My Landlord Buy Me a Washer?

Soap Opera: Swann Cleaners has folded.
My boyfriend and I live on the top floor of a row house on 16th Street, in one of those gorgeous old mansions that was converted into separate units. We don’t have a laundry machine or dryer, but this wasn’t a problem when we first moved in six months [...]

Inaugural Edition: ASK HOUSING COMPLEX!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ask Housing Complex, in which we answer your questions about rental contracts, rotten roommates, city rules and regs, and everything else that’s on your mind. Send future complaints to
Over the summer, I moved into a new apartment building, and less than four months later, I discovered an inch [...]