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Crystal Pity

This year’s Artomatic—the irregularly-scheduled, low-barrier orgy of creativity that’s taken over several empty buildings since its inception in 2000—feels vaguely post-apocalyptic. Wandering through the cubes and hallways of a recently vacated office block in Crystal City is disorienting; one can sense the presence of the Defense Department workers who once filled them. Life-size marshmallow Peeps, [...]

Capitol Riverfront Gets New Restaurant, Several New City Agencies

The view from Capitol Riverfront's 55 M Street, which just signed its first tenant.
The Capitol Riverfront hastened its slow trickle of tenants and businesses during the last few weeks. On Friday, Mayor Adrian Fenty announced that the city would be taking over a building, located at 225 Virginia Ave. SE on the northern border [...]

Artomatic Provides Panoramic View of Creeping Progress at Capitol Riverfront

The great thing about Artomatic is that it often introduces people to construction-heavy neighborhoods where there's not much going on otherwise.
Last year, the event was held in NoMa. This year, it's in the Capitol Riverfront, home to Nationals Park and...that Five Guys that President Barack Obama visited recently.

Capitol Riverfront Now Has 1,584 Residents

Yeah, I'm not sure how to react to that number either. I mean 1,584 residents...Is that just super? Or is that terrible? The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District says that this is the estimated population within their boundaries, as of their latest newsletter dated May 7, 2009.