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In Housing Trends, Arlington’s in the 1920s, Greenbelt the ’30s, Reston the ’60s, and D.C. the 2010s

In the chronology of housing construction trends, Arlington is a product of the 1920s (and 1980s), Greenbelt is a Depression baby, and Reston owes its heritage to the 1960s. And D.C.? It's a child of the here and now.
At least according to Builder Magazine. The magazine of the National Association of Home Builders has a nifty [...]

Do We Really Need a Regional Economic Plan?

There's been a drumbeat of concern from the regional fathers over the need to think more regionally. Regional transportation, regional housing, regional jobs. Forget you belong to a state or city, even. Just think of yourselves as citizens of the Greater Washington megalopolis.
That makes sense, to a large extent. Urban areas are starting to agglomerate [...]

Virginia is for Hipsters

It was a slightly awkward Internet date: Arlington County, armed with slang from its younger days, invited young professionals to a dim, stuffy bar to munch on chicken wings and talk about settling down.
Monday night’s government-sponsored party was marketed as “Housing4Hipsters”—which would apply to no one walking Wilson Boulevard in the vicinity of the Arlington [...]

Urban Sleight: Tysons Corner wants to reinvent itself as a living city. What does that mean for D.C.?

To the urban soul, Tysons Corner—the barren moonscape of highways and office buildings located roughly halfway between here and Dulles International Airport—is a nightmare. There’s nothing human in the expanses of concrete, no reason to spend any time outside between your car and Tysons’ two malls.
In 20 years, all that is supposed to change. Under [...]

What Ever Happened to the Skinny House?

The skinniest home in New York City—just nine and a half feet wide—has sold for a reported $2.175 million, according to Zillow. The house, located in the West Village, was first listed for $2.75 million and later was cut down to $2.499. That's a pretty steep drop, but hey, it made if off the market.
Did [...]

Ten Questions for the Dude Behind “Arlington: The Rap”

It’s still a good day to be a gangsta in “Arlington: The Rap,” but Remy Munasifi is moving on. Creatively (to a video for the Tax Foundation), not physically. The star of the smash NoVa hit on YouTube (as well as “Partly Cloudy: The Rap” and the only slightly less-hilarious one about 2 percent milk) [...]

Man, Arlingtonians and Alexandrians Love it Here

Here's another chart from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). It seems like a pretty good quality of life indicator, probably better than Forbes' recent "Most Livable Cities" list.