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McDuffie Bill Aims to Clarify Housing Affordability

It's no secret that D.C. has an affordable housing problem. But really, the city has two affordable housing problems. The first is one of supply: There isn't enough of it. And the second is one of definitions: Much of what's labeled affordable isn't really affordable to many Washingtonians.
The standard metric for affordable housing is area [...]

D.C. Area Doing Great. D.C. Itself? Not So Much.

September's unemployment statistics are out, and the numbers for our little corner of the world look fantastic: We've dropped below six percent, thankyou very much! At 5.9 percent, the D.C./Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area has the lowest unemployment rate of any large urban area in the country.
That number, though, is a bit deceiving. The number [...]

Warped Area Median Income to Stay Put

Okay, we all know what area median income is, right? For the purposes of this blog, it's the measure by which we set rent levels at affordable housing projects. The area median income for the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area is a little over $100,000, so if the city works out a deal to build housing [...]