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Orange Makes One Fix to Living Wage Bill, But Problems Remain

At a D.C. Council hearing in March, one of the principal objections to proposed legislation that would require certain retailers—those that bring in at least $1 billion a year and have a D.C. store of more than 75,000 square feet—to pay a "living wage" was the unfairness of the size requirement. Why, witnesses asked, should Walmart [...]

ULI Scholar: Georgetown’s Such a Special Place That Glassy Apple Store Would Have Ruined It

And you thought we were done hashing over the Georgetown Apple Store debate! Never, my friends. In the fall issue of the very charming Planning Commissioners Journal, Urban Land Institute senior fellow Edward T. McMahon uses the federalified Georgetown Apple Store as a demonstration of the neighborhood's placemaking power: Even robbed of its now-iconic glass-cube [...]