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The Apartment Iceberg Cometh

It's not news by now that developers and landlords are on edge about the wave of new housing stock that will hit next year, after a long drought (that graph at right pretty much sums up the situation). They're just getting even more strident about it.
"Whenever I have the opportunity of speaking nationally, I tell people [...]

UIP Rising

Arlena Chaney, president of a tenants’ association in Southwest Washington, wasn’t sure what to do when a guy from Urban Investment Partners rang last month saying they were under contract to buy her building.
She didn’t call back right away. Instead, she convened the residents of the New Capitol Park Towers at 3rd and G streets [...]

Perfect Pet for an Apartment? Try Rabbits.

Dogs and cats. Dogs and cats. When potential pet owners of the greater D.C. area are looking to add some fur to their abodes, dogs and cats are the go-to. But consider the small, humble bunny.
Bunnies don't bark. They don't claw the top of your pillow at 3 a.m. They don't need to be walked. Neither your neighbors—nor [...]