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Buildings, Business, and Baseball: Five Years of the Capitol Riverfront BID

Perched high above Half Street SE, with sweeping views of the rivers, empty lots, and smog-blocked U.S. Capitol surrounding one of the District's fastest-growing neighborhoods, the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District marked its fifth anniversary today with a luncheon and panel discussion of the area's past and future.
The neighborhood is built on the concept of [...]

Gray: D.C. Will Be the Greatest City on Earth, and Then Some

Speaking today at the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership's annual development showcase, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins delivered his usual refrain about how no one loves the District more than his boss, Mayor Vince Gray.
Judging from Gray's speech on the same stage, I'd say he's probably right. According to Gray, D.C. is [...]

L’Enfant, the Hunger Games, and the Imperial City

Heart of American Empire.

Last week, former mayor Anthony Williams gave a talk before a bunch of history and geography geeks about the executive's role as city planner, in which he articulated his understanding of the meaning of D.C.'s monumental core.
"In my view, the capital is in the center, and the vision here is to show [...]

School House Rock: Is Michelle Rhee becoming a force in D.C. real estate?

It’s a pretty commonly accepted principle in the real estate business: You buy as much house as you can afford. And then, unless you’re wealthy enough to support tens of thousands of dollars a year on your child’s education before they even fill out a college application, you buy the best school district you can [...]

The Housing Production Trust Fund is the New Social Security

Broke, that is.
Last week in budget hearings, housing advocates warned Councilmembers that the primary pot of money used to build and renovate affordable units in the District will be completely out of money by the end of this year.
A bit of wonky background: The Housing Production Trust Fund was created in 1989, but had no [...]