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Submit Questions for the 2014 Answers Issue!

As 2013 draws to a close, the most avid Washington City Paper readers are likely shaking their heads in dismay at all the stuff we missed. Fortunately, there's an outlet for your frustration. The annual Answers Issue is a chance for you to put us to work, assigning us to go out and report on whatever [...]

Your Last Chance to Put Us to Work!

Dear readers assignment editors,
You're the boss, but only for a few more days. Submit questions for our second annual Answers Issue, and we'll go out and do the reporting and come back to you with answers. A few of the 32 questions we answered last year included:
Marion Barry has a painting in his office of [...]

Be Our Boss for a Day

All right, readers: We give up. No matter what we write about—whether it's arts or development, Anacostia or Palisades—you always know better, as you make abundantly clear in the comments. And you should; after all, there are only a small handful of us, and there are thousands of you living in every neighborhood and working [...]