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Gray Still Bitter Over Failed Angel Investor Tax Cut

Last night, Mayor Vince Gray took the stage with four D.C. business leaders to moderate a D.C. Chamber of Commerce panel titled "Digital City: Transforming DC into a Tech Capital." Chamber CEO Barbara Lang thanked Gray for his regular moderation of the panels—she said he moderated them as Council chairman, then asked to continue when [...]

Gray: D.C. Will Be the Greatest City on Earth, and Then Some

Speaking today at the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership's annual development showcase, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins delivered his usual refrain about how no one loves the District more than his boss, Mayor Vince Gray.
Judging from Gray's speech on the same stage, I'd say he's probably right. According to Gray, D.C. is [...]

Gray: Council Didn’t Understand Rejected Angel Investor Proposal

Reiterating what his deputies said two days earlier, Mayor Vince Gray told a gathering of D.C. Week techies last night that the D.C. Council killed a controversial tech incentive measure out of a lack of understanding.
The proposal would have cut capital gains taxes by two-thirds for D.C. angel investors who back local startups. It was dropped [...]

Mayor’s Office: The Angel Investor Tax Break Ain’t Dead Yet

Victor Hoskins will have you know that D.C. is hip.
"D.C. is a hip city," the deputy mayor for planning and economic development told a gathering of tech entrepreneurs at a DC Week 2012 panel yesterday. "I've been stunned at how excited my son and daughter are that I live in D.C."
He continued, "Everyone in this [...]