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Bloomingdale Group Prepares Vote of No Confidence in ANC Over McMillan

If you needed more evidence that passions run high when it comes to development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, the Bloomingdale Civic Association's got you covered.
The organization, upset by ANC 5C's decision to support the plan over objections from some community members, has prepared a vote of no confidence in the neighborhood commission—and it [...]

Joe Mamo Swears He’ll Get the Money For Florida and North Capitol

Time's up for gas station impresario Joe Mamo on his long-stalled residential building on the northwest corner of Florida and North Capitol Streets. The Zoning Commission's approval of his application is about to expire, and he's hoping to renew it for another two years. The big developers and financiers haven't been interested in that location, [...]

Zoning Fights That Make Me Sad

I had the pleasure of attending two ANC meetings over the last two evenings in which zoning for two specific parcels was discussed: One, for the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue, and another, for the Big Bear Cafe on First and R Streets NW. Both left me feeling even more depressed than ANC meetings [...]

ANC Results of Note

Now that the dust has settled over at BOEE–all you teeth-gnashing overnight should have just gone to bed and waited for the morning, honestly!–let's look at some of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission races that have been relevant to Housing Complex's world (this isn't comprehensive–if I haven't mentioned a race, that doesn't mean it's not important).
In [...]

Building a Better ANC

When I first came to the District, having no reason to learn about hyperlocal government, I thought "ANC" stood for "African National Congress." Upon learning more about the role of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, I was impressed: How beautiful, I thought, to have such intensely local representation in a place otherwise robbed of electoral influence!
For many [...]

Big Bear Cuts Ad for Gigantic Cable Merger

Bloomingdale newshound Scott Roberts caught one of the stranger juxtapositions ever to grace a commercial break: An ad for Comcast's $30 billion acquisition of NBC Universal filmed in that indy-est of independent coffee shops, the Big Bear Cafe. Public interest groups have decried the deal as anticompetitive, and D.C.'s own Albritton Communications has been the [...]

ANC 5C Votes Against Big Bear Cafe Liquor License

Well, this may be the last update on this for a while: At its general public meeting this evening, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C unanimously voted to oppose a liquor license for the Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale. As noted last week, a group of nearby residents had organized in outright opposition to the license, forgoing [...]

Bear Necessities: Will Booze Fuel Bloomingdale’s Renaissance or Regression?

On a breezy Saturday afternoon, the only sounds in the Big Bear Café at 1700 1st Street NW in Bloomingdale are the tapping of laptops and some hushed conversation, with the occasional shout of a finished sandwich or coffee order from the counter. Ceiling fans whirr overhead. Large open windows make it feel like an [...]

Amid Confusion Over ABRA Procedure, Big Bear Cafe License Vote Postponed Again

[Big Bear Café owner Stuart Davenport took a more active role in this week's meeting. Please excuse the shaky footage, I'm still getting used to this video thing.]
Last week, the debate over Big Bear Café’s application for a restaurant liquor license in Bloomingdale exploded into the open, with heated discussion at a meeting of ANC [...]

With Liquor License, Trailblazing Big Bear Runs Into a Thicket

The Big Bear Café was a new thing for Bloomingdale when it opened at 1st and R Streets in 2007. The neighborhood didn’t have a proper coffeeshop, and it’s become a magnet for the young professionals who’ve been coming to the area in droves. Mostly, the older neighbors haven’t seemed to mind.
Now, the Café would [...]