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Takoma Theater is Falling Down, Owner Still Plans to Sue

UPDATE, 5:36 p.m. – Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs director Nick Majett emailed at 10:36 a.m. this morning to say that repairs would be made today, and a private contractor would be retained to fix the window.

The Takoma Theater up on 4th and Butternut NW hasn't been looking good for a while now, but [...]

Michael Brown Didn’t *Exactly* Call for Walmart Hearings

Yesterday, the New York City council held its second hearing on Walmart's attempt to locate a store in Brooklyn. The D.C. Council has been decidedly less forceful, but at ANC 4B's January meeting, anti-Walmart advocates thought they had at least gotten Councilmember Michael Brown's commitment to get Walmart proponents and opponents heard in some official [...]

So Much for All That: DCRA OK’s Pawn Shop For Georgia Avenue

It's been more than half a year since community members launched their crusade against a proposed pawn shop on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Fern Street NW, which resulted in a minor overhaul of money lending regulations and granted ANCs "great weight" in deciding whether or not a pawn shop gets licensed.
Well, turns out [...]

Zoning Fights That Make Me Sad

I had the pleasure of attending two ANC meetings over the last two evenings in which zoning for two specific parcels was discussed: One, for the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue, and another, for the Big Bear Cafe on First and R Streets NW. Both left me feeling even more depressed than ANC meetings [...]

Charter Schools, Homeless Providers Named in Walter Reed Draft Plan

The plan for building out the District's 62.5-acre site at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on northern Georgia Avenue cleared its first big hurdle last night, when the local redevelopment authority (LRA) voted unanimously to recommend a mix of uses and handful of non-profits to occupy the new public space.
The broad outlines remain similar to [...]

Takoma ANC Wants Veto Power Over Pot Dispensaries

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn's plan to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in D.C. might have overcome some of its many impending obstacles last night. Then again, it might also have to face some new ones.
ANC 4B—representing the area where Kahn wants to locate his mom 'n pop pot shop, the Takoma Wellness Center—voted at a [...]

Opening Shots Fired in Takoma Over City’s New Pot Law

Last night, ANC 4B won its battle with vice in the form of usury. The next item on their agenda, however, could make Famous Pawn’s trial look like a cake walk: Pot.
In May, the D.C. city council approved legislation to sanction as many as eight medical marijuana dispensaries in the District, which would allow only [...]

Anybody Else Want a Pawn Shop?

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B, which has been fighting a new pawn shop seeking to locate at 7301 Georgia Avenue all year, finally used its legislatively-granted great weight last night to squash Famous Pawn’s ambitions once and for all.
First Cash Financial’s president Rick Wessel tried his best to counter the audience’s overwhelming animosity towards his new [...]