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Adams Morgan Hotel to be Filed by July 29

Not much new came out of a Saturday ANC 1C planning and zoning committee meeting on the proposed Edition hotel for Adams Morgan (the design, apparently, hasn't changed significantly since it was first presented three years ago). But developer Brian Friedman did give a date certain by which he plans to file his planned unit [...]

Adams Morgan Hotel Resistance Has Liftoff

Every real protest movement needs a decent website, and now the opposition to an almost-approved $46 million tax abatement for the Marriott's Edition hotel in our little corner of Adams Morgan has joined the anti-Walmart people in setting up an internet soapbox. It's all in preparation for a forum on the issue put on by [...]

ANC Results of Note

Now that the dust has settled over at BOEE–all you teeth-gnashing overnight should have just gone to bed and waited for the morning, honestly!–let's look at some of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission races that have been relevant to Housing Complex's world (this isn't comprehensive–if I haven't mentioned a race, that doesn't mean it's not important).
In [...]