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Where Those U Street Booze Moratorium Rumblings Are Coming From

The approximate proposed moratorium zone.

You may have heard that people are mobilizing against a potential future hard cap on liquor licenses in the U Street area. You may even know that such ideas have been floated before in these parts. Nowhere, however, did anyone talk about who was pushing it this time around.
Well, I found [...]

Arts District Branding Project Still Running Into Questions

Not to bring up an old issue or anything, but the “D.C. Arts District” neighborhood branding project just keeps hitting speedbumps.
Initially, the project team said it would have the banners up by December 1, with a festival of sorts early in the month. That got pushed back as the design process took longer than anticipated. [...]

ANC Results of Note

Now that the dust has settled over at BOEE–all you teeth-gnashing overnight should have just gone to bed and waited for the morning, honestly!–let's look at some of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission races that have been relevant to Housing Complex's world (this isn't comprehensive–if I haven't mentioned a race, that doesn't mean it's not important).
In [...]

This Week’s Column: Outtakes!

My column this week (posted below) is about Laura and Neil Seldman’s long nightmare at 1922 Third Street. But there are a few bits of the story behind this fascinating address that I couldn’t quite fit on newsprint. So, for the interested:
First, the history of the house, which is one of several Ledroit buildings designed [...]