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A Former D.C. Planner Returns to Find His Waterfront Vision Largely Realized

An ex-planning chief calls the Navy Yard revival "one of the most remarkable urban transformations in the United States."

This Will Soon Be D.C.’s Most Ambitious Park

A design by OMA and Olin Studio was picked for the 11th Street Bridge park over the Anacostia River.

With 11th Street Bridge Designs, Anacostia Public Art Takes a Welcome Turn

An amphitheater, a greenhouse, or a waterfall could come to the Anacostia River.

Why Did Developer WC Smith Buy Up Most of Congress Heights?

A walk along the District’s far southeastern edge reveals much that wasn’t there 20 years ago. Heading eastward from the Congress Heights Metro station on Alabama Avenue SE, the first stop is the Shops at Park Village, anchored by a Giant that became Ward 8’s first full-service supermarket since the last century when it opened [...]

D.C.’s Fish Now Slightly Less Gross

Good news for the District's fishermen, and better news for its fish: Tumor rates among fish in the city's waterways have dropped substantially.
According to a survey just released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 42 percent of female brown bullhead catfish in the Anacostia River and 14 percent of males had liver tumors during [...]

Reel Talk

Chuck Patterson turns his gaze to the river as his line grows taut. “Man, you must be good luck!” he chortles as he reels in an 18-inch catfish. It’s the third one he’s caught in six hours of fishing today.
He inspects his catch. “Does that look clean to you?” Patterson asks. “It sure looks clean [...]

The State of the Anacostia Is Better Than It Could Be

Last year, the Anacostia Watershed Society put out its first report card on the state of the city's less favored river. The news wasn't good: Maryland and D.C. had earned failing grades on their efforts to improve water quality, which has been degraded over decades of leakage from toxic sites and outflows of raw sewage [...]

Walmart Keeps Coopting Progressives With $100K Donation to Anacostia River

In the D.C. area, Walmart has focused its philanthropy on hunger issues, which compliments the theme of all the fresh veggies they'll be bringing to four spots in the District and has helped win over many advocates for the poor. Today, they reach into the environmentalist realm with a $100,000 donation to the Anacostia Watershed [...]

Read: The Anacostia River Report

D.C. Appleseed is out with a whopper of a document on the current conditions, remediation efforts, and recommendations for next steps on cleaning up the Anacostia River. Their main conclusions:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should create a high-level department to coordinate federal, state and local cleanup efforts.
Local jurisdictions should create common stormwater management regulations across [...]

A Design Contest for the Anacostia Waterfront?

"Active and abandoned industrial sites, rail lines, a commercial port, and a highway...physically and psychologically separated from the lives of most residents."
Does that sound like a riverfront you know?
Well, those words were actually written about the part of the Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis, which is about to be remade into a [...]