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If You Build It, Who Will Come?

How to Build an Arts District
If You Build It, Who Will Come?
Stage of Development
What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013
Anacostia's Arts Scene Is Growing

The juxtaposition is strange: In the middle of a strip of dingy carry-outs, boarded-up storefronts, and a methadone clinic sits an art gallery with a French name and an elegant atmosphere to match. [...]

Anacostia Playhouse Construction Is Good to Go, With an Assist From the Mayor

After weeks of regulatory battles and legislative debate, the Anacostia Playhouse has its building permit—just not as a playhouse (yet).
The Playhouse, scheduled to open in June, was forced to stop construction work because it didn't have a building permit, and it couldn't get a building permit because, through an arcane rule requiring a minimum number [...]

Mendelson Proposes Work-Around for Anacostia Playhouse

Last week, with the scheduled opening of the Anacostia Playhouse threatened by the need to obtain a variance from the parking requirements in the zoning code, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson declined to consider emergency legislation that would have allowed construction on the Playhouse to go forward in advance of zoning approval. Now, Mendelson just [...]

Can D.C. Council Legally Allow Construction Without a Permit?

D.C. Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Marion Barry have been working to allow construction on the Anacostia Playhouse to move forward, even though it hasn't received a building permit due to parking issues. In short, the issue is that the theater doesn't have the on-site parking required by the city's zoning regulations, so it's applying for [...]