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It’s Not Easy Getting Green

Walking through the streets of NoMa these days, you get the sense you’ve stepped into a well-played game of SimCity. Crisp and glassy, it’s a commercial zone, to be sure, and a strategically placed one: It’s served by three major thoroughfares, two Metro stations, all the regional and Amtrak train lines passing through Union Station, [...]

What it Looks Like Under There

To help me understand what the "H Street Underpass" is for my story this week, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation president David Ball offered a tour of the gigantic space that might have temporarily housed the western end of the District's first streetcar line, had DDOT and Amtrak been able to come to an agreement.
The tunnel—accessible [...]

H Street Trolley Won’t Get Direct Connection to Union Station

Back in April, the District Department of Transportation's point man on streetcars, Scott Kubly, assured the denizens of H Street NE that they were still working with Amtrak to run the western end of the streetcar underneath the railroad tracks, creating a direct connection to Union Station and transit links to the rest of the [...]

Union Station Can’t Get It Together

The transit world was abuzz yesterday with news of the Obama administration's $2 billion worth of improvements for high-speed rail service in the Northeast Corridor, Midwest, and California. Guess who missed out? The District, of course.
Specifically, Union Station, which hasn't had major infrastructure improvements since the 1980s, and has only increased Metro station capacity by [...]

DDOT Lays Out H Street Trolley Endgame

There it is: The light at the end of the tunnel for H Street's long suffering.
By June 30th, the District Department of Transportation announced last night at an update meeting on the streetcar, they expect to "substantially complete" street and sidewalk work in the corridor. And with $99.3 million in the Mayor's capital budget over [...]

Amtrak Steps Into the 21st Century (Ten Years Late)

Back in October, I relayed a spectacularly shocking discovery I made about one of our federally-funded major transportation systems: Amtrak still lacks WiFi service.
Yes, you can pick up an internet signal on a $25 bus ride to NYC. But shell out $70 bucks or more for the train and you're shit out of luck, unless [...]

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week

On Wednesday morning, I took off for a little fall break trip to New Haven and New York City. Since that time, I've learned two crucial things. First and foremost: Amtrak still has NOT widely installed wireless capabilities on its trains. Not the Northeast Regional train. Not the Acela. If you google "Amtrak" and [...]

Amtrak Ridership Down in 2009, But Remains High

The Associated Press is reporting that Amtrak carried roughly 27 million people in the last 12 months— down about a million from the same time period the previous year, but still up more than five percent from two years ago.