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There Are A Lot Of Poor People In These Parts

The headlines after yesterday's American Community Survey release of new numbers talked about declining incomes in the D.C. area's wealthier areas. But the more striking stats, fully enumerated by Kathryn Baer, have to do with dirt poor people in the District itself: The poverty rate is 19.2 percent, up 0.8 percent from 2009. The child [...]

Census Crunching: Home Prices

Welcome to the slowest news week of the year, in which I will do a lot of recapping, reviewing, and emptying out my notebooks from the last nine months. One thing we now have time to do is play with the American Community Survey data, which NeighborhoodInfo DC has broken out into every denomination an [...]

Housing-Income Mismatch on Display in New Census Data

The New York Times data mapping tool with new results from the American Community Survey is pure magic. One of the things it illustrates most clearly, though, is something that it didn't take wizardry to figure out: Incomes in D.C. aren't rising as quickly as rents or home values.
First, take a look at the map [...]

D.C. Slips in Bike Commuter Rankings

More fun from the American Community Survey! Every year, the League of American Bicyclists takes bike commuter rates from across the country and dumps them into a big spreadsheet, comparing how the 70 largest cities stack up. The District, which ranks 27th in population, had the 6th highest rate of people commuting to work by [...]