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Not Everything’s a Bargain at DHCD Auction

The District dispatched with 18 falling-down and unbuilt properties this afternoon, in a brisk auction with a clear takeaway: While investors are willing to pay top dollar for eyesores in good neighborhoods, there’s still little interest in marginal markets on the eastern end of the city.
Case in point: before the auction began at the Washington [...]

Wednesday Bargain House Shopping Spree?

Tomorrow, 18 District properties–several in Congress Heights, a few in Columbia Heights, Old City, Deanwood, Barry Farms, and Woodridge–are going on the block as part of the Department of Housing and Development's second-annual property disposition auction at the Washington Convention Center. There are all sorts of rules associated with buying and rehabbing these houses and [...]

City Hoping to Sell Vacant Properties ASAP

After writing yesterday about the four vacant, city-owned homes recently listed for sale, I talked to the real estate agent for the properties, Matt Cooper of Alex Cooper Auctioneers, which ran January's auction of roughly 30 similar houses. (These four homes, in fact, were snapped up during the initial auction; but the buyers couldn't follow through.)