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D.C.’s Disappearing Affordable Housing, in Charts and Numbers

In 2005, just 15 percent of D.C. rental housing went for more than $1,500 in today's dollars. Now that's up to 36 percent.

Developer Pitches a Private Version of New Communities in Brentwood

The city has stumbled in overhauling aging low-income housing complexes. Can a developer succeed?

Catania, Gray Bills Aim to Prevent Future Museum Squares

A legal loophole allows building owners to charge exorbitant prices for tenants to remain in their apartments. Two proposals would address that.

Report: D.C. Should Redevelop Public Housing Without Replacing Units First

What's the matter with the New Communities program? A lot, according to a report commissioned by the city.

Apartment Shortage in D.C.? Depends How Much You Make.

Two years removed from her Housing Complex gig, my predecessor Lydia DePillis decided to prove she's still got her D.C. real estate reporting chops. At the Washington Post's Storyline today, she has a great distillation of the central paradox confronting renters in the city: With cranes topping off new apartment buildings seemingly each week, why's it so hard to find [...]

Park View Development Serves as Reminder for Hebrew Home Decision

Here's a good point-counterpoint on residential development near the Petworth Metro station. The point came on Tuesday night, as residents of Columbia Heights and Petworth debated the future of the former Hebrew Home for the Aged at 1125 Spring Road NW. The vacant building and an adjacent one will become housing; the question is what [...]

Neighbors Back Affordable Housing for 1125 Spring Road, Despite Tensions

The impending redevelopment of a long-vacant city-owned former retirement home at the crossroads of Petworth and Columbia Heights threatened to bring out the latent divisions within the fast-changing neighborhood as residents gathered last night to discuss the building's future. Yet despite high tensions and frequent disagreements, the neighbors ultimately coalesced around a goal that's often thwarted [...]

Minimum Wage Hike Does Little to Make D.C. Housing Affordable

A report out today from the Urban Institute finds that while the higher minimum wage that's begun to take effect in the District will mean a boost in wages for more than 40,000 residents, many of those residents will see only a negligible rise in income, in many cases less than $500 a year. Meanwhile, the [...]

City Inquiries Shed Light on Museum Square Owner’s Reversal

Residents of the Museum Square Apartments at 401 K St. NW received a welcome bit of news earlier this week, when they learned that the building's owner had reversed course and withdrawn its stated intention not to renew its Section 8 contract—the arrangement that provides federal subsidies to the building's all-low-income tenants.
Earlier, the owner, the [...]

Why D.C. Is About to Have Even Less Affordable Housing

They called it a discount. Trayawn Brown had lived at the Mount Vernon Plaza apartments at 930 M St. NW for 10 years when she received a letter from the building managers on Nov. 16, 2013, informing her that she had a month and a half to choose among three unsavory options: sign a new [...]