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Why Did Developer WC Smith Buy Up Most of Congress Heights?

A walk along the District’s far southeastern edge reveals much that wasn’t there 20 years ago. Heading eastward from the Congress Heights Metro station on Alabama Avenue SE, the first stop is the Shops at Park Village, anchored by a Giant that became Ward 8’s first full-service supermarket since the last century when it opened [...]

Gray: D.C. Will Be the Greatest City on Earth, and Then Some

Speaking today at the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership's annual development showcase, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins delivered his usual refrain about how no one loves the District more than his boss, Mayor Vince Gray.
Judging from Gray's speech on the same stage, I'd say he's probably right. According to Gray, D.C. is [...]

The Organic Verses

There were just two shoppers at the Yes! Organic Market in Fairlawn last Friday afternoon. Entire aisles of refrigerated shelves were empty and dark, never to be refilled.
“This is the healthiest place to go,” said Lachuna Johnson, 24, who lives near Good Hope Road SE in Anacostia. “The other places have more artificial food. Today, [...]

City Amends Rules for Charters to Take Over Vacant Schools

Back in June, Lydia wrote about D.C. charter schools' struggle to find classroom space. On the surface, conditions seemed favorable: Former Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration had closed 23 public schools, leaving what ought to have been ideal buildings for the charter schools to move into. But the byzantine process for procuring those buildings left the [...]

Reeves Center Deli Claims Political Vendetta in City’s Eviction Attempt

Fitwi "John" Tekeste has operated his Municipal Deli in the Reeves Center on U Street for the last 20 years. And he's pretty sure that the city's recent move to end that run is just revenge by outgoing Fenty officials.
"It's kind of political. The problem is, I support Mr. Gray," he says, surrounded by [...]

Year in Preview: D.C. Development in 2011, Before it Happens.

2010 was a big year for development in the District.
Capital markets unfroze, allowing a slew of stalled projects to break ground. Large empty spaces in the architecturally uninspired NoMa and Capitol Riverfront business improvement districts finally started to fill out. A Web-savvy smart growth constituency became a force in planning and politics, and car-centric suburbs [...]

Don’t Worry Everybody: This Snowstorm’s on Lockdown

This morning was D.C.'s first press conference to address a snowstorm of epic proportions. When they scheduled it yesterday–"Fenty Administration to Announce Snow Team Mobilization", the release trumpeted–between six and ten inches were expected, so I thought I'd stop by on my last bike ride before drifts of whitish crud made two-wheeled travel impossible for [...]

What Fenty Would Cut

So, not that this matters much, but Almost Not Mayor Adrian Fenty has submitted his plan to close the $188 million budget gap. Michael Neibauer has a bunch of the highlights, and here are a few more items on the chopping block from the Housing Complex world that the incoming mayor and Council could choose [...]


Tuesday morning marked a starchy celebration on Irving Street NW in Columbia Heights: The grand opening of IHOP’s 1,500th location, complete with a dancing pancake, free short stacks of pancakes, and a Washington Monument shaped out get the picture. Inside, IHOP execs visiting from California for the occasion congregated in the back room, while [...]

Election Reverb! Preservationists and Planners “Jubilant” About Gray

I picked up on this after the penultimate campaign finance filing deadline, but it’s become more concrete recently: An ad-hoc collection of prominent preservationists and city planners are thrilled at the election of Vince Gray, and are hosting an after-the-fact fundraiser for him this Friday Thursday, September 30. Along with the Greater Greater Washington crew, [...]