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This paper's home of 20 years is no more.

Long Crumbling, the Old City Paper HQ Finally Gives Way

Farewell, old Adams Morgan office.

The BicycleSPACE Takeover

This year, the popular bike shop goes from one store to three.

Adams Morgan’s Funkiest House Is About to Realize Its Dream

In February, I reported on a house that's not quite like its Adams Morgan neighbors. Shiny wallpaper depicting topless women and blackface minstrels lines the first and second floors. There's no living room or dining room, just shared bathrooms on each hallway. The walls are in varying states of deterioration.
And, most significantly, the house was [...]

Tenant Race

Life is about to get pretty plush at 1841 Columbia Road NW.
The 114-unit, 83-year-old apartment building formerly known as the Alcazar is currently in the process of a $7 million makeover. It’ll soon have a rooftop terrace and a separate green roof. The antiquated heating system will be replaced, and the apartments will have central [...]

More Details on the Ontario Theater Development

Several readers have asked me recently about the progress of the Ontario Theater development in Adams Morgan, which appears to have ground to a halt after the initial demolition of most of the 1950s theater building. So here's an update from the developer, the Fairfax-based Peterson Companies.
"Vertical construction" on the mixed-use project will start this [...]

An Eviction in Adams Morgan

The scene at 2409 18th St. NW right now looks like an eviction in reverse: a team of men bringing heaps of furniture from the street curb into a mostly vacant-looking building. But it's actually just the aftermath of a run-of-the-mill eviction. According to the head of the eviction crew, who declined to give his [...]

Stranger Than Eviction

From the outside, 1919 Calvert St. NW looks almost exactly like its neighboring rowhouses, with their stately shades of red brick and stone. A glance at city property records shows little variation on paper: The houses were all valued around $800,000 in last year's assessment.
But once you step inside, something is clearly different. First, the [...]

A Pipe Dream for the Tube

The District's giddiness at having survived Sandy still buzzing through my head, I can't help but dream a bit. A nerdy, transit-related dream, of course.
Let's start with a little history*. Way back when the Metro itself was still a dream, Congress passed, and President Lyndon Johnson signed, a bill to authorize a 25-mile rapid transit [...]

Adams Morgan Hardware Likely On the Way Out

The WY18 condos, which are 85 percent sold out at this point, have undergone quite the transformation since Urban Investment Partners bought the former apartment buildings back in 2010. And it looks like the ground floor retail, with the exception of Adams Morgan Coffeeshop, is likely to change as well.
Today, Douglas Development bought the commercial units, [...]