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Long Crumbling, the Old City Paper HQ Finally Gives Way

Farewell, old Adams Morgan office.

Neighbors Plan to Sue to Stop Adams Morgan Hotel Project

In advance of the Zoning Commission's Monday deliberation on the proposed Adams Morgan hotel, a group of neighbors is doing what it can to put the brakes on the project.
Three neighborhood groups will announce on Monday their intention to sue the city to stop the hotel project, which they say will displace local businesses and has [...]

The Red and the Black: AdMo Hotel Changes Again!

Put this one down for the District's biggest architectural chameleon: The proposed Adams Morgan Hotel, which submitted its zoning application back in July, has just come out with yet another design, after a jet-black version in November didn't exactly meet with rave reviews. The developers' explanation:
Color changes and the glass façade at the corner of [...]

Staycation: Why D.C. Has So Many New Hotels

Trying to find a place for Aunt Millie to stay in the District?
Good luck. Hotel occupancy and room rates in D.C. have trended up over the last year—prices averaged $206 per night in 2011—while no new hotels have opened. Business travel and tourism are on the rise again, after flatlining in 2008 and 2009, and [...]

Office of Planning: Adams Morgan Hotel is Too Tall!

Another twist in the saga of the Adams Morgan Hotel: The Office of Planning has issued its preliminary opinion on the application that's been submitted to the Zoning Commission, and the developers won't be pleased. The setdown report expresses dissatisfaction with the height of the building, along with 13 other points about the design. The [...]

Kazam! Developers Try to Make Adams Morgan Hotel Disappear

Faced with a community that's of many minds on their proposal for a 227-room luxury hotel, developers Brian Friedman and Matt Wexler have tried to make the building as inoffensive as possible while making good on their investment. In the latest revised submission to the zoning commission, the building's facade—which began, several years ago, as [...]

Neighborhood Hangover

For three months, the streets of Adams Morgan have been filled with dust and din. Jackhammers and backhoes tear their way through road and sidewalk reconstruction. Pedestrians have to skip around Jersey barriers and heavy equipment to get where they’re going, cars at the bottom of 18th Street stall in one-lane bottlenecks, and the fumes [...]

The D.C. Government is Inflating the Hotel Market

A couple months ago, we looked at the District's hotel construction pipeline, and found thousands of rooms coming online in the next few years, even as jobs flatline and the rest of the commercial real estate market contracts. The question I should have asked is this: Who's financing all these hotels? Don't they see they're [...]

Adams Morgan Hotel Zoning Application Drops

As promised, the guys behind the Marriott-managed Adams Morgan Hotel—a.k.a. the Devil's Tower—got their planned unit development application to the Office of Zoning by the end of July. It includes all the specs, including many we've already discussed here, as well as some new renderings of what the thing will look like.
If you're the kind [...]

Relayed Without Comment

This sign on the back of Asylum protesting the proposed Adams Morgan hotel might only be visible from the Washington City Paper parking deck, which may mean that I'm taking some seriously cynical bait by posting it, but I'm of the mind that creative protest deserves recognition.