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What Tourists, Business Travelers, and Basic Cable Watchers Know About Adams Morgan

The other day, a Housing Complex tipster was watching Law & Order reruns on TNT, and took note of some local advertising: A two-minute-long PSA for Adams Morgan, complete with low, pulsing techno music. The Adams Morgan Business Improvement District had it filmed in January of last year and has since run it on arrival [...]

BID Heads Do Pretty Well

The other day, I raised my eyebrows at Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District President Richard Bradley's $405,000 salary last year (that's quite a bit more than most of the leaders of the free world). But in proportion to what the BID draws in its special assessment tax, and compared to the other BIDs around the [...]

Neighborhood Hangover

For three months, the streets of Adams Morgan have been filled with dust and din. Jackhammers and backhoes tear their way through road and sidewalk reconstruction. Pedestrians have to skip around Jersey barriers and heavy equipment to get where they’re going, cars at the bottom of 18th Street stall in one-lane bottlenecks, and the fumes [...]