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Sleepy Glover Park Keeps the Cork on Liquor

At least there's a Whole Foods.

Calling all booze purveyors: Glover Park just lifted its liquor license moratorium!
Well, a tiny bit at least. Last night, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B voted to allow two more liquor licenses for beer, wine, and spirits into the little commercial strip, going from 12 to 14—the first increase since 2008, when [...]

Harry Jaffe Flip Flops on Change

Neighborhood change: It's a tricky topic. People feel different ways about it. But widely-read metro columnists should probably figure out a coherent philosophy before dashing off opinions, right?
Not according to longtime D.C. writer Harry Jaffe, now with the Examiner. Jaffe leads this morning's column:
Change is coming in Washington neighborhoods. It's driven by natural, cyclical [...]

Pay $411 Per Night to Stay in the WCP Newsroom!

Well, not quite. But after a proposed tax abatement for a luxury hotel on our little corner of Adams Morgan passed the Council's finance committee yesterday, you still might be able to pay that much to stay here a few years down the road.
Last week, it looked like the $61 million tax abatement that Councilmember [...]

Moratorium Floated For Boozy Barracks Row

Some Capitol Hill residents have watched with alarm as more restaurants and bars have flocked to vibrant 8th Street SE, replacing long-time retail establishments. Most recently, the darling pet shop Chateau Animaux announced it would sell its building to not one but two restaurants: A Moby Dick House of Kabob, and a noodle place called [...]