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Sleepy Glover Park Keeps the Cork on Liquor

At least there's a Whole Foods.

Calling all booze purveyors: Glover Park just lifted its liquor license moratorium!
Well, a tiny bit at least. Last night, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B voted to allow two more liquor licenses for beer, wine, and spirits into the little commercial strip, going from 12 to 14—the first increase since 2008, when [...]

ABRA Lets the Music Back Into Mount Pleasant

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance signed a set of "voluntary agreements" with seven local restaurants, pertaining to trash, advertising, alcohol service–no pitchers or promotions, for example–and banning live music, karaoke, and dancing (the agreements were modified in 2008 to allow entertainment within certain hours). They've effectively kept the [...]

Long Time Coming: Big Bear Cafe Gets its License

On November 3, after months of negotiation with neighbors and being denied by the local ANC, the Big Bear Cafe–represented in its ABRA board hearing by the liquor licensing pro Andrew Kline–was granted its license. Big Bear didn't get everything it wanted: The Board, while dismissing most of the protestants' concerns about trash, noise, and [...]

Corner, Meet Pub: How Rustik finally ended a neighborhood’s prohibition—and what’s coming next.

On the corner of 1st and T streets NW, tucked just a few feet back from the busy speedway of Rhode Island Avenue, a cream-colored building sat vacant for two years, drawing curious glances from passersby. In the last couple of months, it’s come to life, with construction noises emanating from the inside, and recently, [...]

Moratorium Floated For Boozy Barracks Row

Some Capitol Hill residents have watched with alarm as more restaurants and bars have flocked to vibrant 8th Street SE, replacing long-time retail establishments. Most recently, the darling pet shop Chateau Animaux announced it would sell its building to not one but two restaurants: A Moby Dick House of Kabob, and a noodle place called [...]

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance Vanquishes Haydee’s Nightclub License

Back in the 1990s, Haydee's in Mount Pleasant replaced Cafe Bloom, a jazz venue that failed without the upscale, late-night clientele it had tried to attract. Then, the Salvadoran eatery was a "clean and simple family restaurant" that just gave neighborhood families an easy food option besides ordering pizza.
More recently, owner Haydee Vanegas has been [...]

Takoma ANC Wants Veto Power Over Pot Dispensaries

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn's plan to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in D.C. might have overcome some of its many impending obstacles last night. Then again, it might also have to face some new ones.
ANC 4B—representing the area where Kahn wants to locate his mom 'n pop pot shop, the Takoma Wellness Center—voted at a [...]

Big Bear Cafe Liquor License Getting (Formally) Protested

When we last left Bloomingdale's Big Bear Cafe, owner Stu Davenport was hashing out a voluntary agreement with nearby residents to confine his proposed restaurant's hours of operation. But the early June deadline for that to happen came and went, according to Davenport, and he hasn't heard from the group after a few tries at [...]

Bear Necessities: Will Booze Fuel Bloomingdale’s Renaissance or Regression?

On a breezy Saturday afternoon, the only sounds in the Big Bear Café at 1700 1st Street NW in Bloomingdale are the tapping of laptops and some hushed conversation, with the occasional shout of a finished sandwich or coffee order from the counter. Ceiling fans whirr overhead. Large open windows make it feel like an [...]

With Liquor License, Trailblazing Big Bear Runs Into a Thicket

The Big Bear Café was a new thing for Bloomingdale when it opened at 1st and R Streets in 2007. The neighborhood didn’t have a proper coffeeshop, and it’s become a magnet for the young professionals who’ve been coming to the area in droves. Mostly, the older neighbors haven’t seemed to mind.
Now, the Café would [...]