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A Walk With: Rob Klein, Wheaton Planner

Welcome to another installment of an occasional feature in which I take a walk with somebody interesting in a place they know well. This time: Venturing outside the District! If you've got walking partner nominations, pass them on:
Wheaton is the ugly duckling of southern Montgomery County. While Bethesda has filled up with high-end restaurants [...]

A Walk With: Sandra Butler-Truesdale

Welcome to the third installment in our "A Walk With" series, this time with U Street fixture Sandra Butler-Truesdale, whose roles are many and varied.

There are some people in D.C. for whom landscapes  have two levels: The current level that they actually inhabit, and a subterranean historical space long covered over.
Sandra Butler-Truesdale, whose family has [...]

A Walk With: Duane Gautier, Director of ARCH Development, Anacostia

Last week, we started a series of walking tours with folks in the know in their neighborhoods. Who else would be interesting? Let me know.
When Duane Gautier first came to Anacostia from his native New York City, to intern for a congressman in 1961, the neighborhood was thriving: Most every shopfront filled, and owner-occupied.
When he [...]

A Walk With: Sylvia Brown, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Deanwood

Welcome to a new occasional feature on Housing Complex, in which we take a walk with someone who has a very distinct perspective on their neighborhood—could be a developer, a beat cop, or a precocious 12-year-old. If you’ve got an idea for someone who might make an interesting subject, send ‘em along:
For someone who [...]