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Fast Times at Walter Reed

It’s hard to imagine an event more saturated with sentiment than the closing of a major military power’s flagship hospital for returning soldiers. Sure enough, the ceremony that formally brought an end to Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s mission last week gushed with emotion. Medal-decked dignitaries spoke to the campus’ century of service, flags were [...]

An Explanation for the Boutique Hotel Boom

The Peebles Corp. wants to build a hotel at the site of the old Stevens School.
A while back, I wrote about the proliferation of boutique hotels–both recently-opened and in the works–in Washington D.C. and drew up a list of all the new options flooding downtown with their sleek leather furniture and funky lighting (and annoying [...]

16th Street Condo Conversion Foes Prevail by Exposing Phantom Residents

The day before the election at Somerset House, people were already challenging the results.
On July 12, 2008, the residents of the seven-floor building at 16th and S Streets NW voted on whether their apartments should convert to condos.
The conversion would surely mean buyouts for some and below-market rates for others. The residents expected a lucrative [...]

Tregoning Allows Demolition of Third Church of Christ, Scientist


Is this the end of it? 
For several years, we've been hearing about the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, located at 16th and I Streets downtown. The congregation has wanted to raze its Brutalist building because it was too costly to maintain. Preservationists said no way.
Well, turns out, there was a way all along—It was a just [...]