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The Story of 1612 U Street, and a Bit Beyond: Four developers and businessmen flow in a tangled orbit around David von Storch’s starter building.

Ten years before Busboys & Poets arrived, but long after Ben’s Chili Bowl starting selling half-smokes, the 1600 block of U Street NW was home to a restaurant supply store, a crappy pizza joint, local dive Stetson’s Famous Bar & Grill, some vacant storefronts, and, across the street, fire and police stations.
Because half the block [...]

Farewell Readers

Ah, the goodbye blog post. I've been dreading it for weeks now. But last Friday, I started logging mental notes. And today, I've been plugging away at it in spurts since roughly 11 a.m.
(On that note, thanks Andrew Beaujon for ripping me out of my stream of consciousness moment at exactly 11:08 a.m. with your [...]

Coalition Pushes City to Keep Franklin School An Educational Facility

The redevelopment of the Franklin School downtown is starting to feel like a turf war. Every faction has a fair argument to make about why the place should fit their vision:
First, there are the homeless advocates crying "Reopen Franklin Shelter Now." (That is, in fact, the name of their campaign.) And since the Franklin School was [...]

Oyster Hotel Reviews Now Available for Washington

Whether you're planning a weekend tryst, or trying to persuade your parents to check into a hotel instead of crashing in your extra bedroom, Oyster Hotel Reviews is a fun resource to use.  Like a Michelin guide for temporary lodgings, Oyster sends in anonymous reviewers to make judgments according to a defined set of criteria. [...]

ASK HOUSING COMPLEX: My Landlord Ignores My Requests for Months—What Do I Do?

Earlier this week, I posted a less edited version of this complaint, asking readers how they would handle this situation. Anyway, here's my advice on the matter:
I’ve lived in a Dupont studio since 2006 because of its location, pet friendliness, affordable rent ($1,000/month with utilities included) and free washer and dryer in the building. I don’t [...]

The Convention Center Hotel is Seriously Stalled–Again

A familiar, long-running story is back in the news—and that's definitely a bad thing.
For years, D.C. officials have wanted to build a hotel to support big groups hosting events at the Washington Convention Center. That project—despite the economic downturn—was rejuvenated this summer when Councilmembers Kwame Brown (At-large) and Jack Evans (Ward 2) decided it could [...]

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week

(1) What Ever Happened to the Skinny House?
(2) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Mike
(3) Big Chair Coffee—Anacostia’s First Stand-Alone Coffee Shop That Anyone Can Remember—Opened Today
(4) Krystal From the Real World DC Discusses Her “Once in a Lifetime Experience”

(5) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Ashley
Image by Darrow Montgomery

Metro Considers New Policy That Will NOT Require You to Pay More Money

I know. I know. You cannot believe it.
For months, we've been hearing about how METRO will be upping its fares while decreasing its service hours. But today, the Washington Examiner is reporting a bit of comforting news: If METRO keeps you waiting for too long, you'll be able to recoup the fare under some circumstances, [...]

Just How Much Crap Should One Renter Be Willing to Tolerate?

Okay folks, there's another Ask Housing Complex coming out in this week's issue. My response is in final draft form. It will be placed in layout sometime later today most likely. And either Wednesday or Thursday of this week, I'll post the entire thing here on the blog.
But before that happens, I'd like to know [...]

Pilot Premieres for von Storch’s “Complicated Order”

Last night, with spotlights swooping across the sky, David von Storch—owner of businesses Vida Fitness, Bang Salon, Capitol City Brewing Company and the building at 1612 U Street—debuted the pilot of his reality show at Town Danceboutique near 8th and U Streets NW.
He financed the filming himself and is now marketing it to various TV [...]