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What Having a Yard Means

To 28-year-old Kendall Graham, moving on up in D.C. to a three-level town house with a patch of grass means getting another dog. She already adopted a pomeranian mix and is looking for a companion dog to help her fill out her new place off Florida Avenue, near Howard U. "Baby" doesn't do well with [...]

Shelter Studios Fit for a Dog

Pearl, a silky soft 3-year-old whippet mix, used to live outside as an abandoned stray. Now her home is a 4-by-9-foot kennel at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. And you thought your studio was small.

Perfect Pet for an Apartment? Try Rabbits.

Dogs and cats. Dogs and cats. When potential pet owners of the greater D.C. area are looking to add some fur to their abodes, dogs and cats are the go-to. But consider the small, humble bunny.
Bunnies don't bark. They don't claw the top of your pillow at 3 a.m. They don't need to be walked. Neither your neighbors—nor [...]

Renovated Condo, Complete With Cats

The kittens at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington live differently than the adult cats. Adult cats—including Sheba, the even-temptered black 10-year-old and Bennett, the 11-year-old orange tabby—have a divided, single-level home they can crawl through. But the kittens get the most affordable  condo in Shirlington.

To Bust Out of a Shelter, Try Glamour Shots

The photographer brought the hay bale and the fancy lace overlay, the backdrop, the soft light, and the assistant with the cat toys. Prior to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington opening to the public today, volunteer Robin Burkett of Paw Prints Photography turned the lobby into a portrait studio.
"I want your ears up, sweeties," [...]

Ten Questions for the Dude Behind “Arlington: The Rap”

It’s still a good day to be a gangsta in “Arlington: The Rap,” but Remy Munasifi is moving on. Creatively (to a video for the Tax Foundation), not physically. The star of the smash NoVa hit on YouTube (as well as “Partly Cloudy: The Rap” and the only slightly less-hilarious one about 2 percent milk) [...]