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Homeless Population at Motels Continues to Climb, at a Cost of Millions

It wasn't supposed to go this way. Not even close.

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The world's [...]

Standoff Between D.C. Fire Department and Metro Escalates With Latest Incident Report

Who's at fault for the communication breakdown during the Jan. 12 Yellow Line incident? Depends who you ask.

Zoning Commissioners “Appalled” at Conditions Where Congress Heights Development Is Planned

The second-biggest development planned for Congress Heights could get derailed.

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Redfin predicts D.C.'s hottest neighborhood for housing.

A Former D.C. Planner Returns to Find His Waterfront Vision Largely Realized

An ex-planning chief calls the Navy Yard revival "one of the most remarkable urban transformations in the United States."

Metro Could Face More Than 50 Lawsuits Over Smoke Incident

The lawyer filing the suits used to work for Metro. Now she won't ride it anymore.

Gridlock in Congress Heights: A Promised Neighborhood Transformation Gets Messy

“I can sum it up in one word: abandonment.”

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Ten maps that depict life, transportation, and problems in the District.

Preservation Authorities on MLK Library: Don’t Mess With Mies

Preservation concerns could mean a more limited redesign.