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Streetcar’s Latest Problem: Catching on Fire

City officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

D.C. Has Lots of Vacant Land, With an Asterisk

Two-thirds of it is owned by the feds.

Southwest Is Getting a New Waterfront. Will It Get a New Identity, Too?

Urban renewal killed Southwest neighborhoods. Can a new development restore them?

Investigation Fails to Locate Source of December Shaw Water Contamination

The cause of that alarming petroleum odor will just have to remain a mystery.

The “Gentrification Myth” Myth

Gentrification doesn't exist. Also, it's good for the poor. That's the paradoxical argument we're hearing these days.

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D.C. has the fastest-falling rents in America.

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Is there any hope for poorly planned College Park?

Legal Fixes Won’t Help Museum Square Tenants, City Says

Last June, residents of the Museum Square Apartments at 401 K St. NW learned that their building would be demolished unless they could come up with $250 million. After that threat of displacement, though, everything seemed to go the tenants' way. Then-D.C. Councilmember David Catania quickly drafted emergency legislation to prevent landlords from charging these exorbitant [...]

D.C., a City of Childless Singles

Three of the four ZIP codes where childless singles aren't a majority are east of the Anacostia River.

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An indie movie theater is coming to Mount Pleasant.