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The Suburban Poverty Shift

As protests over the shooting of an unarmed teenager continue to roil Ferguson, Mo., the Brookings Institution takes a look at the socioeconomic context of the town's social unrest. The unemployment rate in the St. Louis suburb increased from less than 5 percent in 2000 to more than 13 percent in 2010-2012. For residents who do [...]

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Kids: Does D.C. really need them? [Post]
Besides, it costs $342,552 to raise a child in D.C. [NerdWallet]
New FBI headquarters? Metro says bring it on. (Especially in Greenbelt.) [PlanItMetro]
Vacant house on P Street NW collapses. [WJLA]
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More than twice as many people born in [...]

D.C. Home Prices Jump at the Top and Bottom

So D.C.'s rental market is sharply divided, with plenty of apartments for well-paid professionals without families but few for residents of more modest means. But what about its home sale market? Here, the answer's a bit more complicated.
Home prices in the D.C. area have gone up across the board in the past five years, but [...]

Apartment Shortage in D.C.? Depends How Much You Make.

Two years removed from her Housing Complex gig, my predecessor Lydia DePillis decided to prove she's still got her D.C. real estate reporting chops. At the Washington Post's Storyline today, she has a great distillation of the central paradox confronting renters in the city: With cranes topping off new apartment buildings seemingly each week, why's it so hard to find [...]

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Blagden Alley set to get 125 micro-units, with zero parking. [WBJ]
Here's the justification for the lack of parking. [UrbanTurf]
The strange bedfellows of NIMBYism [Dissent]
City selects firm to craft a master plan for RFK Stadium. [WBJ]
The dangers of becoming a "luxury city." [Post]
Developer plans to turn Shaw halfway house into apartments or condos. [WBJ]
D.C.: not a [...]

Metro Picks Proposal With 280 Residences and Retail for Brookland Site

Heads up, Brookland: 280 residential units and 9,000 square feet of retail are coming your way.
Metro announced this afternoon that it had selected a partnership of MRP Realty and the CAS Riegler Cos. to develop two parcels of land just east of the Brookland Metro station. The development team will also provide a new kiss-and-ride [...]

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Muriel Bowser doesn't plan to undo Vince Gray's tech incentives. [Post]
New rules would protect bike lanes, access at construction sites. [WBJ]
HR-57 plans one-story building a block and a half from the Shaw Metro. [Arts Desk]
Silver Line boosts Tysons office market. [Post]
And Tysons finally starts to feel urban. [GGW]
A comparison of the new supermarkets near downtown. [Post]
Today on [...]

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Where D.C. residents come from (not D.C., mostly). [NYT, City Desk]
Get ready for real-time Metro and bus information in many more D.C.-area buildings. [Post]
Before statehood, D.C. needs a plan to pay for its justice system. [Roll Call]
Metro takes an accidental journey around the world. [City Desk]
After canceling solicitation for St. Elizabeths infrastructure, city reissues it. [...]

Park View Development Serves as Reminder for Hebrew Home Decision

Here's a good point-counterpoint on residential development near the Petworth Metro station. The point came on Tuesday night, as residents of Columbia Heights and Petworth debated the future of the former Hebrew Home for the Aged at 1125 Spring Road NW. The vacant building and an adjacent one will become housing; the question is what [...]

Court Allows Hine School Development to Move Forward

The D.C. Court of Appeals today rejected arguments from neighbors against the planned 158-unit residential development on the site of the former Hine School, allowing the controversial Capitol Hill development to move forward.
A group of neighbors had appealed a March 8, 2013 decision by the Zoning Commission to approve the application of the development team, [...]