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A Tabard Win: Historic Preservation Sends Follies Hotel Back to the Boards

At this morning’s Historic Preservation Review Board hearing, board members seemed eager to get Morton Bender’s N Street Follies Hotel off their docket. “This case has been around for a long time,” said board chairman Tersh Boasberg. “The a real eyesore to the neighborhood and street—which is a special street. We are getting [...]

MTA Tightens Screws on University of Maryland’s Purple Line Recalcitrance

The Purple Line, a proposed $1.517 billion light rail from Bethesda to New Carrollton, won't happen without help from the feds. After spending $130 million per mile on the Inter-County Connector, the state of Maryland is effectively broke, and seeking money from the Federal Transit Administration’s New Starts program to make up the difference. But [...]

Caution: Woodley Park Condos are Larger Than They Appear

The Murillo/Malnati Group is cramming quite a bit of stuff into a 53,000 square-foot parcel on Connecticut Avenue.
The under-construction Woodley Wardman Condominiums house 33 different floorplans between 39 units, a below-ground parking garage, a courtyard...and not one, but two distinct buildings. The first is a bank of historic rowhomes, built originally by prolific DC [...]

Dispatch from College Park: Administration’s Transit Plan Flops

Here over at Housing Complex, we don’t usually report on the affairs of the University of Maryland, College Park. There's not much need, as the university exists in its own world. Though downtown DC is only nine miles away, the campus metro stop is a mile and a half down Campus Drive from [...]

Mixed-use Development and a Bike Trail, Too: Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood is Looking Up

The Rhode Island Ave.-Brentwood metro stop has some dubious distinctions. According to WMATA’s February Safety and Security report, it’s one of the ten most dangerous stations in the system. Situated behind a shopping center full of big-box stores and a sprawling parking lot, its entry point is the south side of busy Rhode [...]

Open House Hopping: It’s Better Than Brunch

“Open House” signs dotted every block of the District this weekend, the last before the expiration of the $8,000 new homebuyer tax credit. I headed to Capitol Hill expecting plenty of open doors, and I wasn’t disappointed. From a “cute condo alternative” to a "sun-drenched, expansive, semi-detached historic rowhouse," it seemed like every [...]

Barney Circle: God Willing, A Smooth Road Ahead For Historic District

Here are some fun facts about the history of Barney Circle: It contains no 19th century buildings and over 70% of its buildings were constructed between 1919 and 1924. It’s named after Joseph Joshua Barney, a hero of the War of 1812. It was a transit hub in the streetcar days, where cars [...]