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President Obama Pays a Visit to Tech Hub 1776

In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, President Barack Obama paid a surprise visit this morning to the most fittingly named D.C. establishment he could find: the tech hub 1776.

The expanding tech offices on 15th Street NW, just blocks from the White House (actually—no dramatic irony here), host startups in shared spaces and the inchoate 1776 Ventures, which connects businesses with public-sector resources and contacts. It gets a shout-out in many public speeches by Mayor Vince Gray, who's set an ambitious goal of making D.C. the biggest tech city on the East Coast.

But Obama's visit brings a higher profile to 1776, which launched just last year. The appropriateness of visiting the tech hub on a holiday celebrating the events of July 4, 1776 was not lost on Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer, who tweeted:

Here are more photos of the visit from 1776's Twitter feed:

  • anonymous

    "the inchoate 1776 Ventures,"

    "inchoate????" lolol Yeah, if you mean "not organized; lacking order"

    "which connects businesses with public-sector resources and contacts"

    Smells a lot like the early-aught orgs--think Neil Albert and EduTech--created by DC political appointees who jumped ship after steering public funds to said ventures...

  • Typical DC BS

    @anonymous: Or like the Dumocrats financing of a few billion dollars to their cronies for "green energy" projects that promptly went bankrupt in 2009 - 2010.