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Which Teams Are D.C.’s Foreign-Born Residents Rooting For?

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We're less than two hours away from perhaps the biggest show of U.S. pride that D.C. has seen since President Barack Obama's second inauguration. But there are thousands of foreign-born D.C. residents whose loyalties lie beyond red, white, and blue.

The real estate website Redfin has done us the favor of going through U.S. Census bureau data and tabulating the largest populations in U.S. metro areas from countries that are playing in the World Cup. Santa Barbara, Calif., might be among the more divided cities in America this afternoon, given its outsize (if still modest) Belgian population. Provo, Utah, and Ocala, Fla., are likely on edge right now as their favorite non-U.S. teams go head to head.

And D.C.? According to Redfin, the biggest population of any team that entered the World Cup in the D.C. region is from the Ivory Coast, which claims nearly 64,000 residents in the area, followed by South Korea, with just shy of 60,000. But both of those teams have been eliminated. So have Nos. 3 through 8. (No. 6 Nigeria and No. Algeria bit the dust yesterday.)

Of the teams remaining in contention, Germany tops the list, with more than 15,000 residents in the region. Next comes Colombia, followed by Brazil, France, and Argentina.

And what of the American opponent this afternoon, Belgium? It seems that Belgian-born D.C.-area residents will be well outnumbered: There are only 1,448 of them, comprising 0.03 percent of the region's total population.


Map and chart via Redfin

  • Deport

    Shall we say no loyality to the U.S. Many come her to milk the U.S. system. The U.S. should shut down its borders now.

  • http://www.divasnirdes.com Ron The Don

    It's here, not her Deport. Also, if they're in our country legally, they have every right to stay. Key word is legally! BTW, I was rooting for the USA to win. Too bad, Tim Howard's performance wasn't enough to win.

  • Sally

    I wonder how many of those foreign born "football" fans in DC are here illegally. I'd bet a lot of them.