Housing Complex

Morning Links

city vistaSprawl in D.C. and elsewhere, visualized. [R.U. Seriousing Me?]

City deal will keep Chinatown building as homeless shelter, not high-end residences. [WBJ]

D.C.'s baby boom. [UrbanTurf]

Metro prevents a lot of carbon emissions. [PlanItMetro]

But public transit has fallen short on its social contract. [CityLab]

An argument against the streetcar, stemming from the author's bike accident. [Market Urbanism]

The first (but not last) D.C. Hyatt Place opens in NoMa. [Post]

Today on the market: 1BR condo at City Vista—$474,900

  • Malcolm

    Wow! "Cheap" must really be the new "charming". Roadside Development has met the tipping point. This place looks like a tenement waiting to happen. No wonder they can't rent 'em or sell 'em.

    This whole thing is turning into a major bust. Even the usually empty new Giant is pretty much a flop although they did manage to convey the same attitudes and competency from the old Giant.

    Tell me they didn't knowingly use photos of huge cracks (already) in the foundation to highlight the parking garage. And is that birdbath supposed to pass for a pool? Everything about it screams "cheap" and "walk the other way".