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New Renderings Show D.C. United Stadium in Context


A view of the proposed stadium looking southwest, with South Capitol Street in the foreground

D.C. United is going into full-court press mode in advance of the June 26 hearing on the proposed deal to build a new stadium at Buzzard Point. And as part of that effort, the team just released a slew of new renderings of the stadium. These new images provide a glimpse of two angles of the stadium we hadn't seen before: what it'll look like on the inside and, more important from a political and development perspective, how it'll look in the context of the surrounding neighborhood.

Here they are:






Renderings from D.C. United

  • Fun-n-games

    And, they're bringing their friends from Indonesia, whom you can count on to come through with the financing, the management, all that stuff.

  • Oz

    I see they'll have espresso. It must be on the up and up. I'm hoping for gelato. The Vincent Gray vision is full of gelato. Gelato on every 1/2 block. Go Vince, go gelato!

  • MikenotIke

    Is the Police Heliport moving too?

  • R. U. Kidding

    It looks like all the section 8 housing is moving as well as the police heliport. Nice stadium, why don't they build it on the parking lot at 19th and Constitution N.E.?

  • Jasper

    They should co-locate Homeland Security's ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) at the new soccer stadium, which would make their job easier.

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