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19thL'Enfant Plaza retail center reopens after renovation, featuring a big glass cube. [Post]

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MetroAccess van driver fired for calling 911 while driving. [WJLA]

Bikers are the happiest people in transit; public transportation users are the least happy. [Streetsblog]

Today on the market: 2BR in a 19th-century Adams Morgan building—$699,000

  • Streetcar

    I really think that it is comically disingenuous when people lay 100% of H Streets development at the feet of the proposed streetcar.

    H street redevelopment was in full force by 2003, the District had passed its H Street Strategic Redevelopment Plan, and the cities largest developers already had more than a million sf in the H Street development pipe line by 2004. Heck, even the Washington Post called H street " the next hot spot in June of 2004, and lets be honest, by the time the paper calls it a "hot spot", it already has been for years.

    The H Street streetcar program was preliminarily discussed in 2006, but not formally authorized and funded until March 2007, to coincide with the streetscape project.

    The streetcar being responsible for H Streets redevelopment is simply not true. Do I think that it had some "marginal" effect on an already red hot redvelopment corridor? Sure, but lets not pretend like it was completely responsible.

  • Oz

    Those are the worst real estate photos I have ever seen. Talk about disingenuous! What person laying out 700K really cares too much about the interior of the dishwasher? They are clearly trying to hide something here. Where is the "pool" for instance? That real estate girl better rev up her leased Land Rover and dad up there to snap some new pics or maybe dig a pool.