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Morning Links

Metro and bus fares are now slightly higher. [WMATA]
Opposition mounts to St. Thomas' Parish Episcopal Church overhaul. [SALM]
America's facing a major shortage of rental housing. [CityLab]
Capitol Riverfront gets details on controversial community center. [Hill Rag]
National Park Service to meet with Fort Reno organizer today to determine concert series' future [Arts Desk]
Capitol Hill pocket park controversy [...]

Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

Last summer, smart-growth advocates were horrified—and car defenders delighted—to learn that the Office of Planning had decided to scale back its plans that would have allowed developers to construct fewer off-street parking spaces near high-capacity transit lines. As part of an update to the city's 1958 zoning code, the office, led then by Harriet Tregoning, had proposed eliminating parking [...]

This Is the Fastest Way to Get From A to B in D.C.

Trying to figure out the best transportation mode to reach your D.C. destination? Looking for a new place to live, but want to make sure it's easy to get around from there by public transit or bike? MIT's You Are Here project has you covered.
I already gave this project a mention in my Morning Links earlier this week, [...]

Morning Links

Sprawl in D.C. and elsewhere, visualized. [R.U. Seriousing Me?]
City deal will keep Chinatown building as homeless shelter, not high-end residences. [WBJ]
D.C.'s baby boom. [UrbanTurf]
Metro prevents a lot of carbon emissions. [PlanItMetro]
But public transit has fallen short on its social contract. [CityLab]
An argument against the streetcar, stemming from the author's bike accident. [Market Urbanism]
The first (but [...]

What Would Replace the Reeves Center in the D.C. United Deal?

A lengthy political battle stands between the city's proposal to orchestrate several land swaps and purchases in order to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point and the realization of the plan. But one central piece of the plan, previously lacking in clear details, has begun to come into focus: the building that would [...]

Battle Lines Drawn Over D.C. United Stadium Deal

The D.C. Council laid out the terms over which the D.C. United soccer stadium battle will be fought this morning in a packed hearing that kicks off the public debate over the complex proposal to build the stadium at Buzzard Point through a series of land swaps.
The hearing, the Council's first on the stadium deal [...]

D.C.’s Building Boom, Financed in Exchange for Green Cards

May 1 was a big day for D.C.'s hotel industry. The city's largest hotel, the 1,175-room Marriott Marquis next to the convention center, opened its doors to the public. So did the 187-room Cambria Suites just four blocks to the north, at the CityMarket at O development in Shaw, which also includes a Giant supermarket [...]

Morning Links

U.S. World Cup success is good new for D.C. bars. [CityLab]
A peek at the maze coming to the National Building Museum. [UrbanTurf]
San Francisco's smart parking program is a big success, mostly. [CityLab]
The lesson: When parking costs reflect demand, everyone wins. [GGW]
D.C.'s most expensive housing neighborhoods per square foot: Logan Circle and West End. [UrbanTurf]
Why one [...]

In Chevy Chase, Neighbors Rumble Over Rubble (Corrected)

When the previous owner of the home at 3823 Morrison St. NW passed away last year, it was sold to a developer. Built in 1914, the house was torn down last week, over some objections within the community.
Now the neighbors who tried, and failed, to keep it standing are hoping to use the demolition to push for a historic [...]

Morning Links

Metro ads: The Silver Line will make you less boring. [City Desk]
The fastest way to get from A to B in D.C. (It's often biking.) [Curbed]
Capital Fringe to buy Trinidad gallery for new location. [Arts Desk]
How to solve regional inequality? More housing would help. [GGW]
Petworth tops D.C.-heavy list of top neighborhoods for home flipping. [New [...]