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Top Development Official Departs for Prince George’s County


Mayor Vince Gray's top official for economic development is leaving the D.C. government to take a job in Prince George's Country, according to an announcement by Gray.

Victor Hoskins, the deputy mayor for planning and economic development, will start his new post on June 16. Hoskins is not the first senior Gray official to leave in the wake of Gray's primary election loss on April 1, or even the first to leave for Prince George's County. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs chief Nick Majett took a job as Prince George's acting chief administrative officer last month. Department of Human Services Director David Berns, District Department of Transportation head Terry Bellamy and chief engineer Ronaldo "Nick" Nicholson, and Inspector General Charles Willoughby all recently announced their departures.

Hoskins will evidently be working under Majett, as deputy chief administrative officer for economic development and public infrastructure. Hoskins was an early appointee in the Gray administration; in speeches, Gray frequently refers to having been impressed with Hoskins' energy. Hoskins, for his part, is most often seen in public giving rousing, cheerleading speeches about the District's economic development, and keeping a triumphant count of the number of cranes up in the city.

“Our loss is Prince George’s County’s gain, as Victor has done an extraordinary job in moving the District’s economy forward by leaps and bounds,” Gray said in a statement. “Through his expertise, his passion, his commitment and his enthusiasm, we have made significant progress across a number of areas vital to ensuring the District continues to grow in an intelligent and sustainable fashion, and I am grateful for his service to our city.”

Gray cited job growth, a drop in the city's unemployment rate, completion of several major development projects, and efforts to attract foreign investment among Hoskins' accomplishments during his three-plus years working for the city.

Prior to coming to the D.C. government, Hoskins worked in the private sector for consulting and development firms, and as cabinet secretary of the Department of Housing and Community Development for the State of Maryland.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III expressed hope that Hoskins could help his county eclipse the District as the region's economic leader. “His experience and expertise in economic development will help us to expand our commercial tax base and attract more jobs and investments in Prince George’s County," Baker said in a statement. "I have said numerous times that our goal is to become the economic engine of the Washington Metro region and the State of Maryland. I am confident that Victor Hoskins will help us build on the foundation we laid over the past few years.”

This post has been updated to include Baker's statement.

Photo from the DMPED website

  • dcgovcorruption

    This will be bad news for minority businesses in prince George's county md. He was definitely not a supporter in the district of Columbia. Worst record of past deputy mayors for economic development office in dc.

  • Andrea Rosen

    Having seen Mr. Hoskins in action in settings as diverse as a neighborhood organization and the D.C. Council, I rejoice in his departure from D.C.

  • Jackson

    Like others, I am glad to see him go. He is an incredibly short sighted individual with little room for alternative opinions.

  • GoldCoastKid

    Hoskins nor Majett will be missed. Neither had any vision and neither possessed any real management skills, especially Majett..he was a terrible agency head.

    They're only job was to kiss Vince Grays butt. And they each did a splendid job of doing so..

    Good luck PG County. You deserve better.

  • GoldCoastKid

    I mean to say "neither" will be missed.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Good day and adieu to his blustering and blubbering. He cried at the ribbon cutting of the Pavilion. I'd cry too for being responsible for such a waste. Take them tears across the city line and don't come back.

  • JR

    Glad this turkey's gone. He's been nothing but a disaster for Reservation 13 and RFK, ignoring the former and letting it rot, and with his stupid ideas to build a new stadium or training facility. He clearly can't even do basic math, since stadium deals do nothing but lose money in every other city.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yes, let's go back to the good ole days (or rather, Barry's days) of corruption in handing out business based on "minority participation" (aka nepotism and good ole fashioned Dumocratic scumminess). Brilliant.

    Most commenting here are clueless when it comes to development or good business practices. Anthony Williams put the city on the right path and most now want to go back to an era best left in the dustbin.

  • I. Rex

    Add me to the Good Riddance camp. His inaction on Reservation 13 development and palpable disdain for accountability and responding to questions from constituents will not be missed at all.

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