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Frontier Airlines launches Dulles routes with (short-lived) $15 fares. [DCist]

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How to avoid rowhouse collapses like the recent one on K Street. [UrbanTurf]

D.C. is No. 4 in road rage. [DCist]

Today on the market: Bloomingdale condo—$379,000

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    What is more interesting about the idea of avoiding a row house collapse is what UrbanTurf doesn't mention. Many of the District's older homes were not built with underpinning on poor soil. New developers know this so they build with underpinning which ends up shaking the homes without it. In addition, most home insurance policies do not cover earth movement which means that the homeowner will have to come out of pocket likely around $10,000. Lastly, most of the older homes here were damaged in some way by the earthquake. Again, earth movement isn't covered. In short, I think that there will be more homes that collapse in the District. How the homeowners deal with that will reveal a lot about the city's economic divisions like seniors living on fixed incomes and new homeowners who will likely struggle to pay for the repairs.