Housing Complex

Morning Links

clevelandMetro plans development for four more stations, none in D.C. [WBJ]

The Coupe: the epicenter of D.C. political ignorance. [Post]

The hidden height limit restricting D.C.'s housing supply. [GGW]

The latest Chuck Brown Park renderings. [WBJ]

A semiprivatized solution to the nightmarish commute into D.C. [Atlantic Cities]

Anacostia streetcar alternatives don't offer much for bikers. [WashCycle]

LivingSocial: Who needs profit? [Post]

Squatters take over an elderly lady's Trinidad-area home. [WJLA]

Imagining an Anacostia nature center on Kingman Island. [ElevationDC]

Today on the market: Cleveland Park studio with den—$239,000

  • muskellunge

    Pet peeve: "epicenter" is the point on the surface that is directly above the hypocenter or focus of an event. The term is usually applied to earthquakes, but "event" can be any phenomenon.

    So this implies that The Coupe actually lies ABOVE the center of political ignorance: therefore its focal point is somewhere below ground, apparently in solid rock?

    Guys, use the dictionary.