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Morning Links

Don't expect the feds to keep paying for Metro improvements. [PlanItMetro]
Muriel Bowser is largely supportive of Vince Gray's economic development record. [Post]
Congress Heights leaders want millions from Metro project developer. [WBJ]
After failed vote, it's still legal for Virginia drivers to door cyclists. [Post]
CityCenterDC condos aren't selling as exorbitantly as expected. [WBJ]
D.C. architects build high-end shelter for [...]

Silver Line Delayed; Could Streetcar Win the Race?

The tortoise-and-the-hare race between the streetcar and the Silver Line continues—and it looks increasingly like they're both taking a nap.
The Silver Line appeared to take the lead when the streetcar blew a series of deadlines, making it clear that it wouldn't come close to meeting Mayor Vince Gray's forecast of passenger service "starting in January, not [...]

Meet D.C.’s Most and Least Energy-Efficient Buildings

Good news, Mother Earth: D.C.'s buildings are more energy-efficient than most in the country, and they're getting more so. According to a release today from the District Department of the Environment, the city's large, privately owned commercial buildings score an average of 77 on the Energy Star scale, meaning they perform better than 77 percent [...]

Morning Links

The Ward 1 Council candidates discuss the need for density and affordable housing. [GGW]
Meet the (temporary) new Harriet Tregoning. [OPinions]
Get ready for a groundbreaking at The Wharf. [WBJ]
E-bikes are on the rise. [Mobility Lab]
How D.C. could get a better deal on the D.C. United stadium. [GGW]
Petworth Safeway development, a.k.a. The Swift, is for sale. [WBJ]
A look [...]

Digital Advertising, Coming Soon to a Metro Station Near You

Metro stations around the city will soon be illuminated with screens bearing digital advertising and transit information, following a new contract awarded by the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.
The five-year contract, with CBS Outdoor, will begin on July 1 and bring WMATA a minimum of $102 million in revenue. In exchange, CBS Outdoor, which operates digital [...]

Is Private Parking a Public Amenity?

Cue Joni Mitchell: The Wylie Street Community Garden, just off H Street NE, could soon be paved over to put up a parking lot. The District Source reports that the developers of a planned condo building at the former R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H St. NE are considering converting the garden into five surface parking spaces to address community [...]

Morning Links

A plea to reject Mayor Vince Gray's proposal to restrict homeless right to shelter. [Post]
Rupert Murdoch is dropping $57 million on a New York mega-apartment. [WSJ]
D.C.'s high earners make 13 times as much as the city's low earners. [UrbanTurf]
House of Cards to Maryland: Give us more tax credits or we'll leave. [Post]
Here's the history of the [...]

The Future of Franklin Park, in Four Design Concepts

Yesterday afternoon, four men planted their feet, lowered their center of gravity, and heaved their collective weight into a van stuck in the mud in the middle of Franklin Park. The men were employees of the National Park Service, which manages the bulk of D.C.'s green space, including the downtown square that's fallen into a [...]

Morning Links

DC Water's reluctance to move throws a wrench in Capitol Riverfront cinema plans. [WBJ]
Huge brawl leads to increased police presence at Anacostia High School. [WJLA]
Streetcar route begins to take shape between Columbia Heights and Takoma. [GGW]
Google Fiber could come to 34 new cities; D.C. isn't among them. [The Verge]
A 130-apartment building is coming to Adams [...]

City’s Public Housing Faces $1.3 Billion Shortfall

The D.C. Housing Authority would need an additional $1.3 billion to bring the city's public housing stock up to date, according to DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman—a major impediment to the modernization of D.C.'s public housing that helps explain why key projects have stalled.
Testifying this afternoon at a D.C. Council oversight hearing that featured many public [...]