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MLK Library Will Be Redesigned by Mecanoo and Martinez+Johnson Architecture


Downtown's Martin Luther King, Jr. Library will be redesigned by the architectural firms Mecanoo and Martinez+Johnson Architecture, Mayor Vince Gray announced this morning—a project that will install a diagonal addition and public gardens atop the controversial (or, depending on your aesthetic leanings, iconic) Mies van der Rohe-designed building. Aaron Wiener, returning from vacation, will have a take on the announcement later today. For now, here's the winning proposal:


  • LongTimeRez

    This is not a "final design" by any stretch of the imagination:

    From Everything You Need To Know About the MLK Library Redesign 2-15-2014 Architect Magazine
    By Kriston Capps, Caroline Massie, Sara Johnson

    Keep in mind that these designs are merely preliminary ideas. The contest is meant to find the most fitting firm for the job and the board will work with that firm to develop a final redesign.

  • wanderingvirgo

    I like that the design leaves the current structure intact, but improves the flow of the building and various areas. My only concern is the rooftop garden. Will the taxpayers bear the cost of maintaining it? How much will it cost?

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